I’ve taken a lot of art history classes in my lifetime. Historians love to discuss the thought processes that artists go through while completing their various works. I often thought to myself, “How do the historians know?” Some artists did leave behind written records so we really do know what they were thinking. Often however, I think the historians are merely guessing.

Now, I have no reason to hope that historians will someday be examining my work, but if they did I wonder what they would conclude about these two? I’m thinking they would declare these were from my religious period. Not exactly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to religious beliefs and experiences, but that isn’t what nurtured these two paintings. Here’s how they happened. A college assignment was to reinterpret an existing work. My classmates all took well known paintings and redid them in their own style. I’m sure that’s what my professor had in mind. However, I liked the surrealistic style of Donatello’s sculpture. So, I “reinterpreted” the sculpture as a painting. My cousin saw the painting and asked if I would paint one of Christ in the same style. Not only do I think it turned out much better than the Magadalene, but my career as a monochrome portrait painter began.
Some Unfinished Paintings >Unfinished.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0
From Donatello’s Mary Magdalene. 1972-73.
Also from a wooden sculpture. Unfortunately, I don’t know who did the original. Mid 70’s.
Recently found this photo. Looks as if I was putting together a puzzle.